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Power Banks/USB's/Technology

There are many uses for small promotional products such as USB's and Power Banks, also just because they're small doesn't mean that they don't have big effects!

Besides making your data safe and secure! The wonderful thing about these printed products is that they don't need batteries! They can be used for as long as the computer is in power.  

Below are some of our best sellers. To view the full product range please see the catalogues at the bottom of this page.

Quadra 4GB Flash Drive from Trends - 104072 - Smart slimline flash drive with 4GB of memory and a USB 2.0 interface. It has an LED that lights up when it is in operation.
Proteus 2000 Power Bank from Trends, - 110849 - 2000mAh power bank with a handy carry strap which has three premium branding options.
Power Banks/USB's/Technology Catalogues
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